You know all the buzzwords: personalized learning…competency-based learning…student-centered learning…but what do they really mean for your school, your classroom and your students?

SchoolHack’s comprehensive digital solution, LiFT, was built by educators to help educators leverage technology and proven student-centric learning strategies to help students succeed. 

LiFT is an easy-to-use but powerful digital system that enables teachers and administrators to implement strategies that connect students to academic achievement and career readiness. It also helps teachers and administrators to better collaborate and coordinate their professional development programs. What’s more, our team of teachers, technologists and education policy experts are the human Ying to LiFT’s technological Yang, guiding you through the entire process from planning through the life of the program.

Schools and organizations are already using LiFT to help in the shift to student-centered learning:

  • High school administrators and guidance counselors use LiFT to help identify student skills and strengths and possible career pathways including a way to track anywhere - anytime learning.  
  • The traditional faculty meeting is a thing of the past in one school district, which uses LiFT to create a more dynamic, interactive and effective Professional Development program. Teachers rave about how well they collaborate with peers and share new practices to help students succeed.
  • Middle and high school teachers in one district had started mapping student competencies and criteria, but needed something to help them tie it all together. LiFT created a platform for the teachers to help students progress academically, but also foster the learner’s growth mindset skills.
  • Leveraging LiFT’s career planning tools, a regional health center is working with local schools to help more area students prepare for meaningful careers in health care - at the same time helping meet a local need for skilled medical workers.
“We chose LiFT because it represents a deep understanding of what learners and educators need to make Personalized Learning successful in our schools.”
— Owen Bradley, Principal, Whitcomb Middle High School, VT
Personalized Learning Student Liam Corcoran

Read about Liam's Personalized Learning journey as a high school student in Vermont and the impact it had on his life.


How does the Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA) address Personalized Learning in schools across the U.S.? Read a report and framework from KnowledgeWorks here to learn about the new opportunity to scale personalized learning environments for schools.

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LiFT is based on the essential elements of natural learning: 

LIKE | Know what matters. 

Every day, students use LiFT to rate their current level of engagement with activities both in and out of school. LiFT naturally uncovers learner interests, strengths, and skills.

LOOK |  Survey the scene. 

Student voice and choice are essential for deeper learning. LiFT invites learners to choose the topics, themes, and pathways most meaningful to them.

LEARN I Authenticate experience.

LiFT helps students and teachers co-author rigorous, standards-aligned, highly relevant learning experiences. Personalize learning according to your personal style. 

LINK | Expand success, continuously. 

Clear goals and careful reflection lead to greater satisfaction, success, and opportunity. LiFT shows learners how to take their skills to the next level.