SchoolHack Solutions is a Vermont-based company founded by pioneering educators with extensive experience delivering authentic personalized learning.  Our team includes people who are dedicated to the belief that every learner has the potential to reach his/her own goals and dreams.  We are teachers, mental health counselors, policymakers, students, guidance counselors, student advisors, parents, school board members, administrators, personalized learning pioneers, student advocates, education and tech integrationists, community justice volunteers, education design professionals, musicians, athletes and lovers of the outdoors.   We know what it takes to create school cultures where all learning - both in and out of the classroom - counts.


Personalized Learning Professional
Personalized Learning Education

David Lipkin | Chief Executive Officer

David brings skills in systems thinking and a background in mental health to his role as SchooHack's CEO.  In his clinical mental health work with children and families, David specialized in engaging with particularly challenging populations by building trusting relationships that enabled meaningful learning and growth.  He is knowledgeable about behavioral intervention, self-regulation skills, social-emotional development, and trauma-informed systems of care, especially as they relate to the design of optimal learning environments.  He has worked as a school-based clinician, a musician, and an educator at the college and middle school levels. He is the proud father of three wonderful children.

Personalized Learning Educator

Kevin J. Hytten, Ed.D. | Chief Operations Officer

Kevin brings a unique and diverse educational and professional background holding several advanced degrees in leadership, education, information technology and managing innovation.  Kevin has served as an administrator and educator in higher education working over the years at Syracuse University, The University of Vermont and Champlain College. More recently Kevin was the Chief Information Officer for a national virtual photography company.  Kevin is a trained team building facilitator and has over 20 years experience supervising and managing complex human resource and technology issues.  As Chief Operations Officer, Kevin will oversee a wide-range of SchoolHack initiatives on both the client and technology facing sides of the business.  He enjoys time with family, running, hiking, skiing, kayaking, Taekwon-Do, photography, movies, a house full of pets, driving with the top down, exploring innovative technologies, and tackling home improvement projects.


Josie Jordan | President

Josie has helped to design two nationally recognized, competency-based, personalized learning programs.  The majority of Josie's 25 year teaching experience has been spent designing student-centered curriculum and competency-based learning systems.  Based on this experience, she has a unique understanding of what teachers need as they shift to a more personalized approach.  Ever since she taught in the public schools of Kobe, Japan, Josie has understood the value of connecting with students around their needs and interests in order to foster engagement and establish a basis for quality instruction.  Through her pioneering work with graduate, middle and high school students, Josie is one of the few educators with the practical experience needed to guide others through the process of educational redesign.

Personalized Learning Educator

Thierry Uwilingiyimana | Product Director

Thierry comes to SchoolHack as a former-founder and leader of two education startups. He co-founded ClassTracks, Inc. and worked with founders of Acton Academy to introduce to the area a progressive lower and upper elementary school built on Montessori principles.  Born in Rwanda, Thierry and his family came to the United States seeking asylum from the war-torn country.  Thierry studied at Stanford University with an undergraduate degree in Engineering. He spent several years in software development then received his MBA in Entrepreneurship at the Acton School of Business in Austin, TX. Since business school, Thierry’s work has entirely been and remains on meaningful integration and use of technology to realize the vision of student-centered and learner-driven environments.  At SchoolHack, Thierry's focus is on product development and integration and he works closely with the SchoolHack management team in market and channel development.


Ed McGuireOperations and Education Design

Ed comes to SchoolHack with over 20 years of experience as a middle and high school math and science teacher.  As the Guidance Director at Mt. Abraham Union High School, Ed served on the Vermont Framework of Standards, and the High Schools on the Move task force which produced 12 principles of personalized learning and became the basis for Vermont's Act 77.  Ed brings his extraordinary organizational skills to the SchoolHack team and works with the company's Education Design team to develop and deliver professional development, implementation strategies, support to teachers, and product development initiatives.  Ed serves on a number of educational and community boards and currently co-coaches the Mt. Abraham rowing team with his wife.

Liam Corcoran Community Development and Support

Liam entered a personalized learning program his senior year of high school and as a student of SchoolHack co-founder Josie Jordan, found a passion for learning and a desire to teach.  Liam studied social entrepreneurship at Champlain College and developed a platform for personal and communal empowerment.  A volunteer and member of the Community Advisory Committee at the Community Justice Center in Burlington, Liam brings his social and personal work to SchoolHack and will be assisting in the implementation of the LiFT platform to schools and organizations, helping the student voice be heard and connecting schools, learners and the outside community with one another.  Liam is a lifelong Vermonter committed to empowering the local economy and environment, and a passionate explorer of the outdoors and an artist.

Personalized Learning Tech Support

Marvin Kendrick | Client Services Manager

Marvin comes to SchoolHack Solutions with 12 years of experience at Green River of Brattleboro, Vermont in technical and user support management for web-based software. He also has many years of experience with back end data and database management and custom data reporting.  Marvin's prior endeavors include commercial photography, 3 dimensional studio arts and the creation of fine gardens and stone walls in Southern Vermont and Southwestern Connecticut. He continues to take beautiful photographs and resides in Saxtons River with his wife and children.

Personalized Learning Educator

Gary Obermeyer | Education Design Advisor

Gary brings 16 years of experience as a classroom teacher including service in a series of appointed and elected leadership positions at the local, state, and national level of the National Education Association (from 1980-86 as a member of the Executive Committee).  For 30 years he has worked as a virtual community organizer with Learning Options - engaged in designing, developing, and delivering web-based tools and strategies aimed at building capacity for students, teachers, and parents to co-create learner-centered and community-connected schools.  It’s a natural fit for Gary to join as an advisor; plus, as a resident of Portland, Oregon, he also brings a Northwest Connection to our outreach efforts.  

Ed Tech Company

Incorporated in 2000, Green River is a Vermont-based software development and analytics team who believe in the use of emerging technology to improve schools. Accountability based on standardized testing, and statewide or national educational standards, is often misunderstood as necessitating teaching everyone the same way.  But at Green River, we see students as more than widgets to be assembled on a factory floor. We understand the value of a personalized learning experience, and see technology as the way to create diverse, personalized educational opportunities.  We have worked on a range of educational initiatives that make us uniquely qualified for our collaboration with SchoolHack on the creation of LiFT.