The deepest learning is personally relevant, socially embedded, and experiential.


LiFT is a new breed of tools specially designed to increase engagement by connecting learner's unique personal goals and interests to academic life. Learners and educators embark on a journey of personal discovery and co-create personalized projects around topics that harness intrinsic motivation. 


LiFT and the Deeper Learning  Cycle 


Discover the unique goals and interests of every learner.

    LEARNERS: Express your interests inside and outside of school and explore possible futures aligned to your current interests.

    EDUCATORS: Get the real-time personalized engagement data you need to make learning relevant.

    ADMINISTRATORS: Establish the foundation for systematic, learner-centered practice.


    Co-create real-world projects that harness intrinsic motivation.

    LEARNERS: Practice voice, choice and self-directed learning to take increasing responsibility for your learning.

    EDUCATORS: Provide just-in-time support as content-area experts, learning coaches and advisors.

    ADMINISTRATORS: Ensure each student has an actionable personalized learning plan.


    Connect personalized projects with academic achievement.

    LEARNERS: Align evidence from inside and outside the classroom to academic, social emotional, and career-ready skills.

    EDUCATORS: Evaluate performance-based learning, provide formative feedback, and track progress.

    ADMINISTRATORS: Gradually transition to competency-based grading and reporting without overwhelming educators.

    Traditional learning management tools simply don’t support the kind of personalized, multi-faceted approach that today’s educators and learners require. Learner-centered practice requires new types of information to flow in new ways. Built by educators, LiFT's easy-to-use, highly engaging platform establishes the essential foundation for an authentic learner-centered culture.  Whether you are implementing advisory, project-based learning, competency-based assessment, or tracking future-ready skills, LiFT puts learners at the center.