benefits for

Personalized Learning

 schools + districts

Raise achievement and engagement when students, teachers, counselors, and administrators work together.

  • Competency-based learning, assessment and tracking
  • Dynamic, integrated PLP's
  • Efficiently personalize curriculum 
  • Real-time understanding of student engagement patterns
  • Professional development 
  • Flexible pathways to graduation

Personalized Professional Development


Focus and organize the essential elements of personalized learning into clear, manageable steps. 

  • Easily create personalized projects tied to any standard or competency
  • Personalized progress monitoring
  • Powerful student grouping tools
  • Create ‘just-in-time’ resources, assignments and assessments
  • Know what matters most to your learners from day to day
Student centered learning


Authentic learning requires authentic input from students, and an interface they can relate to.

  • Full expression of goals and interests, in and out of school
  • Planning for school and career
  • Build insight and self-awareness 
  • Increased independence and transferable skills
  • Voice and choice for ownership and engagement