LiFT™ Connects Learners and Community

As student-centered learning becomes more common, many schools are working closely with community organizations to allow students to receive graduation credit for expanded learning opportunities. Moving beyond the classroom is key to successful personalized learning.

LiFT is the hub that connects student interests, learning opportunities in the community, and school curriculum.

  • Students access a customizable database of community resources and opportunities within the district.
  • LiFT helps document and validate learning experiences outside of the classroom.
  • LiFT connects anytime, anywhere learning to standards and graduation requirements.
  • Community organizations can use LiFT to seamlessly deliver standards-aligned programs so all learning counts.

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Tom and Rhonda talk about how one personalized learning student from their local high school came to their maple farm to learn and never left.

Personalized Learning Plan
I see the development of LiFT as a three-way win - it is a model for community organizations to provide quality education resources to schools in support of personalized learning; it ensures that programs stay relevant by tying the content and outcomes to current academic standards; and more students are able to access community and work-based learning opportunities and resources when they need them. Northeastern Vermont AHEC’s use of LiFT has taken our support of the health care workforce pipeline to a new level.
— Nicole La Pointe, Director, Northeastern Vermont Area Health Education Center