What it Takes to Transition to Competency Education

iNACOL - Blended and Online Learning Conference 2017

2:15 PM–3:15 PM Oct 25, 2017 | Northern Salon A3

Presented By: 

  • Josie Jordan - Learning Expert, SchoolHack Solutions
  • Gabrielle Lumbra - Innovation Coach. Franklin Northeast Supervisory Union
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1. Where would you have liked to "go deeper" than we were able to in our session?
2. What resources, models, or templates do you need the most?
3. Where in personalized or competency-based learning do you need the most support?
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Hear from a Vermont school leader how her district and others are creating true learner-centric systems as they transition from Carnegie units to a competency-based graduation framework. Discuss a range of common challenges faced during transitions to personalized, competency-based learning, such as: educator buy-in, redesigning content curriculum in a competency framework, defining competency, establishing benchmarks, accommodating self-paced learning and strategies to communicate redesign. 

Session Outcome 1: Gain models of competency-based curriculum design in order to support teacher learning.

Session Outcome 2: Generate solutions to your own challenges in the shift to competency-based and personalized learning.

Session Outcome 3: Collect techniques and strategies from schools and districts far down the path of personalized and competency-based learning.