LiFT™ Helps Teachers Learn, Too

Advance teacher and student learning with a single platform.

While LiFT was created to help students learn in and out of the classroom, its dynamic, comprehensive capabilities have helped flip the faculty room as well. By allowing teachers to share, collaborate and create in one simple, connected system, LiFT has the power to revolutionize professional development through customized programs created by teachers themselves. After starting with LiFT, one district even stopped holding in-person faculty meetings, freeing up more time to collaborate, teach and learn.

With LiFT teachers can:

  • Create their own professional learning plans and collect evidence of best practice.
  • Easily collaborate with colleagues to co-teach and design interdisciplinary curriculum.
  • Share lessons, resources, and rubrics to facilitate peer-to-peer learning, growth and collaboration.
  • Organize documentation for supervision and evaluation, PLC’s and licensure.
  • Reflect on instructional practice and professional growth.
“Among students, LiFT generated quite a bit of excitement as they explored possible futures. On the teacher side, educators were able to quickly understand the socio-emotional state of students and tailor instruction accordingly.”
— Michael Eppolito, Curriculum Coordinator at Two Rivers Supervisory Union, VT