LiFT™ Boosts School District Results

LiFT was built by educators to help schools, teachers, and students succeed through proven student-centered learning strategies. Through a carefully balanced suite of digital tools, LiFT helps schools and districts develop flexible, effective and easy-to-use personalized learning systems that bring together everyone in the building – administrators, teachers, counselors and students – around common goals and expectations.

In addition, LiFT can jump start professional development programs by creating a connected professional learning community where teachers meet to share and discuss their assessments, learning progressions and best practices.

LiFT Personalized Learning Plan

A junior/high school principal discusses using LiFT to personalize learning at his school for both students and teachers.

“Our teachers and I are increasingly enthusiastic about LiFT; it fits our program needs perfectly so we can work with students in amazing new ways.”
— Derek Jensen, Manager of Digital & Blended Curriculum, Director of XQ Super School in Seminole County Public Schools, FL

Schools and districts use LiFT to:

  • Create meaningful relationships to the local community, including employers and nonprofit organizations.
  • Monitor student progress in real time and use that information to deploy resources in the most effective way possible.
  • Improve the school learning culture by developing more self-directed, engaged students with heightened awareness of competencies, future academic and post-secondary goals.
  • Help teachers share innovative personalized learning models from school to school, classroom to classroom.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of PD programs, and guide schools to create programs that work best for their teachers.
  • Help teachers document their professional learning for relicensure or supervision
  • Provide support and useful information to guidance counselors working to develop student career plans.
  • Meet relevant state and federal personalized learning or related requirements.


Differentiated Instruction