Make Learning Truly Student-Centered

“Why do I need to learn this?”

That’s a question familiar to every teacher, and it’s not always easy to answer. By placing the student at the center of his or her own educational experience, LiFT makes learning more personal, more real.  Since students and teachers work together through LiFT to create dynamic learning plans that evolve and grow, learners can understand for themselves why and how what they learn is important to their futures - and develop their own pathways for success through their academic careers and on to post-secondary opportunities.

How can LiFT help your students:

  • Engagement. LiFT structures and sustains the ongoing conversations that teachers and students need for mutual success. 
  • Inspiration. Students are co-authors of their education for increased motivation, independence, and full participation. 
  • Simplicity. LiFT’s inviting, intuitive interface is easy to master and fun to use.
  • Synthesis. All stakeholders collaborate to transform learner input into relevant, rigorous, personalized curriculum.
  • New pathways. LiFT’s customizable database of local, regional and global career opportunities gives every student equal access to the exciting pathways available.
LiFT has generated more enthusiasm from the students than any other tool we’ve used. The design is beautiful, and the software is very intuitive. Students and teachers can dive right in and begin shaping the learning experience together!
— Ellen Repstad, Assistant Principal, Mt. Abraham Union Middle/High School

how it works:

LiFT Personalized Learning Platform

LIKE  |  Every day, students use LiFT to rate their current level of engagement with activities both in and out of school. LiFT naturally uncovers learner interests, strengths, and skills.

LiFT Personalized Learning Platform

LOOK  |  LiFT invites students to choose the topics, careers, and post-secondary pathways most meaningful to them. Student voice and choice are essential for learning to be relevant. 

LiFT Personalized Learning Platform

LEARN  |  LiFT helps students and teachers co-author rigorous, standards-aligned, highly relevant learning experiences. Personalize learning according to each student’s unique interests, strengths and needs.

success stories:

Barb, 16
Focus: Outdoor Leadership
Early enrollment Colorado
College in Outdoor Leadership Program
Credit: Science

Maddy, 17
Focus: Certified Doula
Assisted 23 births
Enrolled pre-med at Northeastern
Credit: English

Ian, 16
Focus: Robotics, Electronics
Designed and built plasma speaker   and rocket propulsion gun
Early college at Clarkson College
Credit: Science, Social