LiFT Turbocharges Teaching

Let’s face it: every teacher is a personalized learning teacher. You get to know every student in your classroom and develop strategies, formal and informal, for helping each of them succeed. With the growth of formal PLPs in recent years, it has become more important to bring all of the moving parts together.

LiFT brings it all together, enabling you to manage student competencies, learning strategies and state requirements for all your students in one centralized, easy-to-use digital interface. And LiFT will revolutionize how you interact with your colleagues enabling a better exchange of best practices and more robust professional development programs.

With LiFT teachers can:

  • Chart student’s changing interests and understand what matters most to them at any given moment.
  • Create unique, student-directed or individualized content tied to any standard or competency.
  • Build upon students’ personal, career, and academic goals with just-in-time resources, feedback, tasks and support.
  • Create fluid groups based on performance or interests. Simply track and monitor each student’s academic engagement and progress over time.
  • Easily communicate and collaborate with students, school counsellors, parents and community members.
  • Assess diverse student work as a body of evidence.
“I see a remarkable level of self-direction from my 9th grade remedial science students. The only thing I’m doing differently is using LiFT.”
— Erin Cusson, Science teacher, Enosburg Falls Middle High School,VT
LiFT offers a platform that allows students to take ownership of their learning, become more self-directed, and more engaged with the support of instructors who can get to know them well.
— Gabrielle Marquette, Rowland Fellow and High School Teacher

Personalized Professional Development

With LiFT teachers can:

  • Create their own professional learning plans and collect evidence of best practice.
  • Easily collaborate with colleagues to co-teach and design interdisciplinary curriculum.
  • Share lessons, resources, and rubrics to facilitate peer-to-peer learning, growth and collaboration.
  • Organize documentation for supervision and evaluation, PLC’s and licensure.
  • Reflect on instructional practice and professional growth.
Personalized Professional Development