what LiFT users have to say:

"All schools should consider LiFT to systemically personalize learning for all students in an engaging and manageable way."

-- Joe DiMartino, President, CSSR

“We chose LiFT because it represents a deep understanding of what learners and educators need to make Personalized Learning successful in our schools.” 

--Owen Bradley, Principal, Whitcomb Junior/Senior High School

“LiFT offered us a single platform that holds both a student's personalized plan and our new competency-based grading system. We are expanding LiFT into all of our schools as SchoolHack helps us meet our commitment to transform learning, teaching, and assessment.” 

--Jay Nichols, Superintendent of Schools, Franklin Northeast Supervisory Union

"As we move forward with our proficiency-based assessments and personalized learning initiatives, LiFT is definitely part of the answer."

--Central Vermont principal

"This is the best tool for students I’ve seen in 18 years of teaching."

--Danville, VT high school teacher

"I finally get why proficiencies matter"

--Vermont High School Student

"I don’t ever want to stop doing this!"

--9th grader using LiFT

"I can't get my students to stop using LiFT!"

--Vermont guidance counselor

"With LiFT, we can customize the programs we offer to students based on their evolving interests, and experience, in real time, and stay available to students as they need career counseling, resources, or connection to opportunities in their communities"

--Nicole LaPointe, Executive Director, NEVAHEC