What’s New in LiFT®


A few years ago, LiFT began as a simple tool to increase engagement by capturing students’ interests, goals and self-directed learning. Since then, our partner schools’ relentless dedication to establishing learner-centered systems has pushed beyond the limits of the original design and helped turn LiFT into a full competency-based, project-based, purpose-driven teaching and learning system. We’re proud to be giving LiFT a major makeover that delivers on the promise of a streamlined, scalable solution built on the principles of learner agency, real-world learning, and authentic assessment.

LiFT Redesign 2019

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Free content to put your learners at the center

Our free pilots have ready-made learning modules to launch your learner-centered revolution. Get started with dynamic Personalized Learning Plans, or choose the MyWays Competency Portfolio package.

Professional Learning Resources for Educators

Built in partnership with NGLC, MyWays in LiFT is a free planning tool for educators and teams to accelerate next gen learning. We’ve synthesized the relevant research, competencies, and key principles into actionable resources, design tools, and pilots.

College & Career Readiness

These customizable interactive future-ready activities, powered by the LiFT personalized learning platform, come complete with the action steps and resources students need to stay on track for post-secondary success.

A complete toolset for personalized, project-based learning

“I was thrilled to find a partner in SchoolHack who understood the deeper intent of the Mastery Transcript model: to focus on the growth of learners rather than simply ranking students. LiFT provides a great day-to-day feedback system for purpose driven learning, competency assessment and portfolio building to support the Mastery Transcript.”
— — D. Scott Looney, Founder, Mastery Transcript Consortium, head of Hawken School

Understand the Learner

Used anywhere educators want to increase connection and relevance, LiFT's interest engine, career exploration and goal-setting modules quickly improve engagement and boost motivation. These simple, easy-to-use tools foster self-awareness, agency, inspiration and relationship building that are the foundation for future projects.




Co-create real-world projects

LiFT's groundbreaking project builder gives learners a space to practice the essential skills of self-directed learning around topics and goals they are passionate about. Projects built in LiFT are interest-driven, cross-disciplinary, and competency-based. They can be entirely learner-driven, entirely teacher-driven, or a combination of both. Most importantly, LiFT provides the flexibility, collaboration, and just-in-time support that true personalized learning requires. 


Competency-based grading

Competency-based learning puts the focus on skills rather than seat time and test taking, giving students the ability to demonstrate learning in diverse ways. Featuring sophisticated rubric generators, evidence collection, formative feedback, and multiple reports of skill acquisition across settings, LiFT represents the most authentic competency-based grading available. 


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