Facilitated Conversations about Competency-based Graduation

SchoolHack's Monthly CBE Working Group - Facilitated Conversations about Competency-based Graduation - May 1, 2018

Educators brought problems forward for the group to solve, shared strategies, and generated questions that led to new thinking and ideas. A few of their great discussion points and questions:

  1. How can we give learners a sense of progress as they are working to meet their proficiencies? Could there be Learner Growth or Velocity of Learning assessments to provide that sense of movement toward mastery?
  2. How can we benchmark requirements?
  3. How can we winnow our indicators or learning targets to avoid the redundancy that learners are experiencing with our expectations?
  4. How has our proficiency-based focus affected our instruction?

Strategies shared:

  1. How to encourage lower-performing learners' continued efforts in order to make progress.
  2. How schools have identified and established their proficiencies and graduation requirements.
  3. How to foster student ownership of the transition to be proficiency-based.
  4. How to inform and involve the community in the shift to proficiency-based graduation.

Thanks to all who joined the first of this working group's monthly conversations. To participate, please email info@schoolhack.io.