SchoolHack co-founder to present at Big Picture Learning’s 2018 Big Bang Conference

The Big Picture Learning model is rich with learner agency and real-world learning opportunities. As innovative BPL schools integrate project-based learning and competency-based assessment, it comes as no surprise that they see a natural fit with LiFT’s learner-driven workflow and native CBE architecture. This past year, SchoolHack and a number of Big Picture Schools launched successful LiFT pilots and we’re excited to continue partnering to make these models shine.

We’re especially excited to join the BPL community next week at #BigBang18 in Atlanta. Please join us for our learner-led session and to check out what learners of all ages are doing with LiFT.

Learner-led and Competency-based: Mastering the Balancing Act - A facilitated conversation with SchoolHack co-founder David Lipkin

Tuesday, July 24 at 3:00

Big Bang Conference 2018


In this learner-led, tech enabled session we’ll get hands on and address specific day-to-day challenges you encounter as you strive to keep learning authentic. Bring your favorite (or least-favorite) problems of practice. Are you exploring how best to track competencies? How to strike the right balance between learner-agency and rigorous assessment? Do you wish you had a better system to keep the focus on purpose and motivation?

It’s possible! As a warm up, we’ll launch our inquiry by looking at some of the inspiring projects and competency frameworks Big Picture learners and advisors have created using the LiFT software over the past year. Then, enrich your practice by hearing how your peers are approaching the same issues. Finally, you’ll be able to put your new ideas into action by using LiFT to create your own personal, professional or competency-based action plans that will keep you motivated and engaged on your learning journey.