A practical framework for deeper learning


Employers and colleges look for self-aware candidates who know how to think independently, set their own course, design their own learning, and take responsibility for their own growth.

Project-based learning can be the ideal way to teach these future ready skills. Unfortunately, project-based learning initiatives often fall short because they require painstaking preparation from teachers with no efficient way to personalize the projects or measure learning outcomes. 

LiFT® makes implementing project-based learning easier by harnessing the intrinsic motivation of learners as they co-create rigorous projects around their personal interests and goals. With a full set of tools linking emerging interests to instructional design and competency-based grading, LiFT provides a practical framework for deeper learning. 

LiFT® and the Deeper Learning Cycle 


Discover the unique goals and interests of every learner.

    LEARNERS: Express your interests inside and outside of school, reflect on your experiences and explore possible futures.

    EDUCATORS: Get the real-time personal engagement data you need to make learning relevant.



    Co-create real-world projects that harness intrinsic motivation.

    LEARNERS: Practice voice, choice and self-direction by designing and managing meaningful, relevant projects.

    EDUCATORS: Provide just-in-time support as content-area experts, learning coaches and advisors.



    Connect personalized projects with academic achievement.

    LEARNERS: Align evidence from  inside and outside the classroom to  academic, social-emotional, and future ready skills.

    EDUCATORS: Evaluate evidence, provide formative feedback, and track progress towards mastery.


    Our school, district and state level partners have found many uses for LiFT. From the classroom to advisory to independent study, genius hour, career counseling, and competency-based assessment, LiFT offers multiple pathways to creating a learner-centered culture. 

    LiFT works, but don't take our word for it.


    Every day, over 12,000 students, teachers and administrators use LiFT to take teaching and learning to new levels.

    Join them on their personalized journey from inspiration to achievement.


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