LiFT® - a complete toolset for personalized, project-based learning 


Understand the Learner

Used anywhere educators want to increase connection and relevance, LiFT's interest engine, career exploration and goal-setting modules quickly improve engagement and boost motivation. These simple, easy-to-use tools foster self-awareness, agency, inspiration and relationship building that are the foundation for future projects.




Co-create real-world projects

LiFT's groundbreaking project builder gives learners a space to practice the essential skills of self-directed learning around topics and goals they are passionate about. Projects built in LiFT are interest-driven, cross-disciplinary, and competency-based. They can be entirely learner-driven, entirely teacher-driven, or a combination of both. Most importantly, LiFT provides the flexibility, collaboration, and just-in-time support that true personalized learning requires. 



Competency-based grading

Competency-based learning puts the focus on skills rather than seat time and test taking, giving students the ability to demonstrate learning in diverse ways. Featuring sophisticated rubric generators, evidence collection, formative feedback, and multiple reports of skill acquisition across settings, LiFT represents the most authentic competency-based grading available.