Professional Services

Our team of experienced change-makers bring a learner-first focus to every conversation. Drawing upon decades of successful pioneering work, we can help design and implement a sustainable learner-centered system that suits your vision, current capacity and culture. Whether or not educators use the LiFT software to manage their professional goals, we'll work with you to craft a tailored, personalized approach to harness the transformational power of personalized, competency-based learning. 

“Among students, LiFT generated quite a bit of excitement as they explored possible futures. On the teacher side, educators were able to quickly understand the socio-emotional state of students and tailor instruction accordingly.”
— Michael Eppolito, Curriculum Coordinator at Two Rivers Supervisory Union, VT
  • Competency-based instruction and assessment

  • Personalized Professional Learning and PLC's

  • Learner agency and engagement

  • Creating Personalized Learning Environments

  • Advisory and Personalized Learning Plans

  • Systems coaching and leadership development

  • Standards-based curriculum, instruction and assessment

You don't have to use LiFT to organize and personalize professional learning. But it helps.

With LiFT teachers can:

  • Create their own professional learning plans and collect evidence of best practice.

  • Easily collaborate with colleagues to co-teach and design interdisciplinary curriculum.

  • Share lessons, resources, and rubrics to facilitate peer-to-peer learning, growth and collaboration.

  • Organize documentation for supervision and evaluation, PLC’s and licensure.

  • Reflect on instructional practice and professional growth.

Personalized Professional Development

Professional learning team

Josie Jordan, M. Ed


In her quest to help each person discover his or her true purpose and voice, Josie Jordan determinedly advocates for learner-centered classroom cultures and curriculum design. The majority of her 25+ year educator experience has been spent designing learning opportunities and systems that empower and support learners to be courageous drivers of their own educations. Jordan helped design two acclaimed competency-based, personalized learning programs in Vermont and now continues her pioneering work with graduate, middle and high school students nationwide. As President and co-founder of SchoolHack Solutions, Jordan works with dozens of innovative schools providing professional learning, consulting, and education technology solutions to implement authentic personalized, competency-based learning. Jordan’s career as an educator is marked by creative, unique methods that awaken the heart of each and every person. Jordan has spent the last two years distilling and translating her practical experience into a revolutionary software platform called LiFT. Jordan speaks at numerous education conferences in New England and beyond. Recent professional learning engagements include: Building a Culture: Your Foundation for Personalized and Competency-based Instruction; Students in the Driver’s Seat, Revolution in Education- The Power of Student Voice; The Happy Ed Tech Marriage of PLP’s, PBL, and Mental Health; Teachers and Students Learning Together: A Whole-System Approach to PLPs and Proficiency-Based Mindsets; How to Bring Personalized and Proficiency-based Learning to Scale; What it Takes to Transition to Competency Ed.


Judy F. Carr, Ed.D


 Judy F. Carr is a senior consultant, facilitator, and instructional leadership coach. She works with schools, districts, and statewide organizations to build systems to support high student performance through learner-centered, learning focused (e.g., competencies or standards and associated indicators) curriculum, instruction, and assessment design and implementation. Carr has extensive experience leading professional learning and working as a systems and leadership coach with administrators, teachers and teacher leaders in grades pre-K–12. She was co-facilitator of Vermont’s first Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities,; a college professor in the Educational Leadership Program at the University of South Florida Sarasota Manatee; and a faculty member for ASCD, where she designed and facilitated national leadership institutes and created online courses and webinars for school administrators, teacher leaders, and district leaders. She has worked with Reggio-Emilia inspired schools, two-person partner teams in the middle grades, and integrated high school ninth-grade “transition” programs, as well as with a variety of types of K-12 programs in small and large school districts.  Carr has extensive experience conducting professional learning through small and large-group facilitation, workshops and webinars, and both individual and small-group virtual or on-site coaching with school and district administrators and teacher leaders.  Carr is coauthor or coeditor of 13 books and online courses, including Leading Professional Learning: Building Capacity Through Teacher Leaders (ASCD, 2013); Leadership: Implementing the Common Core State Standards (ASCD, 2012) Leading for Inclusion (Teachers College Press, 2011); Improving Standards-Based Learning: A Process Guide for Educational Leaders (Corwin Press, 2009)