Success Stories

What they’re saying about LiFT® 

“LiFT is the optimal tool for learners to take ownership of their learning and their Personalized Learning Plan. It builds a dynamic partnership in learning with their teachers!”
— Kathleen McClaskey, Author, co-founder and CEO of Personalized Learning, LLC
“I have always liked LIFT and have been excited about it. I now LOVE LIFT since I have seen the student excitement!”
— Dr. Suzanne Bryant, Asst. Director of Schools for Instruction, Greeneville City, TN
“Our teachers and I are increasingly enthusiastic about LiFT; it fits our program needs perfectly so we can work with students in amazing new ways.”           
— Derek Jensen, Manager of Digital & Blended Curriculum, director of XQ Super School grant recipient in Seminole County Public Schools, FL
“Among students, LiFT generated quite a bit of excitement as they explored possible futures. On the teacher side, educators were able to quickly understand the socio-emotional state of students and tailor instruction accordingly.”
— Michael Eppolito, Curriculum Coordinator at Two Rivers Supervisory Union, VT
“LiFT provides our district with a dynamic and relevant workspace where students and teachers, together, can collaborate on all kinds of learning to ensure that it’s personalized.”                 
— Erik Remmers, Principal, Enosburg Falls Middle High School, VT
“I see a remarkable level of self-direction from my 9th grade remedial science students. The only thing I’m doing differently is using LiFT.”
— Erin Cusson, Science teacher, Enosburg Falls Middle High School, VT
“The Tennessee Department of Education encourages school counselors and educators to use LiFT to increase student engagement in postsecondary and career exploration and planning.  The robust student-educator interaction in LiFT will provide a rich data set for the department to examine as part of its research efforts through federally funded projects.”
— Dr. Jason Parker, Tennessee Department of Education, College & Career Readiness
“We chose LiFT because it is a single platform that holds both a student’s Personalized Learning Plan and proficiency progress. We are expanding LiFT into all of our schools as we transform our learning, teaching, and assessment.”
— Jay Nichols, Executive Director of Vermont Principals Association, former Superintendent
“We chose LiFT because it represents a deep understanding of what learners and educators need to make Personalized Learning successful in our schools.”                 
— Owen Bradley, Principal, Whitcomb Middle High School, VT
“We don’t use traditional grading so we needed a simpler, smoother way to assess students. LiFT has the easy competency-based workflow and clear representation we were looking for. It shows how kids are progressing in a simple yet comprehensive way, while being easy for my staff to navigate.”
— Julia Bamba, Principal of Gibson EK High Schoolin Issaquah, WA
“LiFT provides diverse learners with achievable standards while encouraging students to think about how they learn, show evidence of their learning, and achieve academic excellence.”
— Emma Ryder, History Teacher, Matignon High School, MA